Your Home Air-Sealed?

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Air -Sealing  your Home ? What is this about ?

Your House is a "thermal envelope", needing either heating or cooling. Air leaks happen at foundation plate, attic top-plate, dryer vents,wall portrusions,chases,crawlspaces,vent boots, etc.Air-Seal the house and simply reduce air infiltration. Air -Seal process reduces heat loss 18% to 40%.(see website info on Air-Sealing)

Note Sources of Air Leaks
Your home is robbed of Energy Dollars

Project involves what process ?
Usually in one day a home can be properly Air-Sealed. We look for all areas of possible leakage, then seal with various sealants , usually with a silicone base for better weatherization and longevity.
This is common sense weatherizing. The house leaks, SEAL IT UP!
Other than some obvious cosmetic changes with areas caulked and sealed, there is no concern for house being "too tight". Such is a common heard false idea.Properly ventilated homes do not cause heat loss. And Proper "controlled ventilation: will reduce moisture problems. BOTH  air-sealing and proper ventilation are needed to promote home's full functioning systems.