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We offer the most complete line of  Energy Saving Window & Door Products in America. We are specialists and consultants for energy solutions in both home and businesses.

Serving Central Ohio since 1973, the Conte family has serviced in excess of 50,000 windows in the 7 County area. Never before have we offered such High Quality Window products as now. New Technology has replaced the old way of making windows. That technology has been fully embraced and put to use in the full line of Window Depot USA exclusive Windows. Dramatic results which save customers thousands of  dollars in energy bills in a quick payback period. Such savings are pledged with the Window Depot USA Pledge Certificate: 30-40-50% !!

22 New Vinyl Windows

Exceeds 50% Energy Savings !

The 9 Year Savings on this home's Energy Bills has amounted to over $13,000 in total energy saved. The payback to the homeowners was approximately 4.8 years to completely pay for the entire job. An original $145 gas budget in 1999 has been reduced to current $80 budget in 2008. Note that gas prices since 2005 have increased 65% in Ohio.